Supplement Projects

Personal Energy Transportation Project: 2013 – 2014

In 2013 and early 2014, Mizzou EWB helped out with the Personal Energy Transportation project (  The status of our work is as follows:


  • Used SolidWorks to make official drawings of the seats’ parts, which will be used in the other 25 PET factories
  • Researched alternative plastics to be used for the handles, resulting in a new plastic that was a third the price of the original
  • Following complaints that the hand braking system obstructed leg movement, we redesigned the brake, giving an extra 5 inches of room while minimizing the number of parts to be altered

Still working on:

  • A stress analysis on the seat’s steel “L” bracket in order to minimize the material needed to make the bracket while still provided a safe strong seat
  • Using SolidWorks to make official drawings of the braking system and other miscellaneous parts

Greenpeace Challenge: 2013

Mizzou EWB took part in the Greenpeace Challenge in 2013. Check out the winning designs here.